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15 Sep 2015

Prepping Your Pembroke Pines Lawn For Winter

Prepping your lawn for winter is a great way to get a jump start on next year’s growing season. When the last leaf falls, will your yard be ready for winter? A few simple tasks from your trusted Pembroke Pines lawn service will save you time and frustration come springtime.

  • Simply because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you get to stop mowing. We suggest mowing until the grass stops growing. Not only will it present a more attractive appearance, but it will make raking easier, too.
  • Don’t forget to rake your leaves, either. This will help to prevent areas of your lawn from being buried under leaves and thus being deprived of the sun.
  • Remove decaying or dying branches from your trees and bushes to keep them healthy.
  • Protect your plants with mulch. Mulching will help you prepare your yard for winter by guarding plants against colder temperatures and harsher weather. Spread it around the base of the plants in your yard – but wait until the first hard freeze. Don’t pack it down!
  • Now that it’s fall, it’s also a great time to start a compose pile. It will give you a way to put your yard waste to good use as a superb soil supplement. When picking the perfect location for your compost pile, make sure it’s close enough to your garden to allow you to easily carry material back and forth.
  • Your garden needs seasonal refreshing just like any other area of your home. Remove annuals that have seen better days (leave their roots!), clear out plant debris from the beds and borders of your garden, and pull any leftover weeds.


13 Jul 2015

4 Reasons To Add Trees To Your Landscaping

Lush green yards are a passion of ours, but green grass on its own leaves something to be desired. One great way to add a new focal point to your landscaping efforts is by adding a tree to your yard. Below are 4 reasons to add one or more trees to your landscaping efforts.

Prevent Erosion
The trees roots hold soil in place and slow runoff. Runoff from our land can be damaging, as it carries pesticides and fertilizers into our local water supply. This is especially important for places that receive a lot of rain, like Davie, Florida.

Avoid Heat Islands
Because trees create shade and cooler temperatures through the water vapor stored in a tree’s leaves, you are able to avoid the dreaded heat island created by large amounts of stone, concrete, and dark roofs.

Fresh Air
Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and converts it to our much needed oxygen. Beyond creating the air that we breathe, trees also absorb odors creating a better smelling environment. Trees actually remove many pollutants, taking them from the air and absorbing them into its leaves and bark.

Well maintained landscapes, including those with trees, increase property values. It is also said that tree-lined streets slow down drivers, making a safer environment for kids and an ideal area for businesses.

If you would like to learn more about trees and your landscaping contact Brightstar Lawn & Landscaping today. Located in Davie, Florida, Brightstar is your go to landscaping company.


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